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Job Announcement - Communications Intern

Fantine, working on capturing creative content for Roots

Title: Communications Intern

Start Date: January 10 for a period from 4-6 months.

Deadline to Apply: 18 December

Schedule: Full-Time

Join Our Team:

About AIW:

A growing non-profit, the Association for the Integration of Women is a diverse, collaborative and woman-led organization dedicated to integrating migrant women into the workforce through our culinary training program. Participants learn invaluable technical and nontechnical skills as they build their confidence and gain access to skilling opportunities.


Roots (opening Q1 2022) is our coworking by day and restaurant space by night, dedicated to multi-cultural discovery and empowerment. Through stories and recipes of women from all over the world, Roots utilizes its social enterprise model to create a platform for migrant women passionate about establishing a career in the hospitality sector.

Our Culture:

AIW is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. We carry out impactful work that directly contributes to the livelihoods of migrant women, their families, and the long-term health of our whole community. Through collaboration, understanding, and innovation, we seek to provide the best quality possible for our program participants. As we grow, we seek a team committed to that same mission.

General Job Opportunity Description:

The AIW is seeking an independent, proactive, and professional individual intern. The position will require a degree of flexibility as the organization is developing. The position will report directly to the founder, Caroline Caporossi and will specifically be focused on executing the social media, blog, and fundraising campaigns for the organization.

During this internship, you will learn to:

  • Use our databases to create a social media plan for the organization to meet goals that we set together.

  • Plan content for various channels including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and TikTok

  • Create and capture creative photo and video content on-site and remote.

  • Create campaigns to help raise funds and awareness including creating Blog posts and sending newsletters to our subscribers and partners

  • Help figure out how to improve our communications through watching our analytics

  • Connect with our community through our general inquiries email account, interacting with volunteers, donors, and partners.

Technology that you will learn to love:

  • Canva

  • Wix website

  • Google suite, Sheets, Gmail, Docs, Calendar

  • Hootsuite

  • Google analytics

  • Social media platforms


*Interns are required to provide their own computer, if an applicant cannot do that please contact us anyway and we will see what we can do.

*We are a bilingual team speaking both English and Italian at work.

  • Fluent Italian: Be able to translate into Italian and have strong Italian writing skills.

  • Proficient English: Be able to read, translate form English and understand directions in English.

  • Organized: We seek an organized individual who can juggle multiple tasks at once while maintaining an attention to the small details

  • Passionate & Informed: Our ideal candidate has a sincere interest in integration and equity and reads up on these topics.

  • Creative: Our ideal candidate is creative, loves to propose ideas, and has an eye for graphic design.

  • Independent: Our ideal candidate doesn't mind working independently on tasks or projects, but knows when to ask for help.

Sound like you? Apply today!

Fill this form to apply by the deadline:

If you have questions please contact

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